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Airway Medical Innovations (AMI) is a new Medical Device Company based in Brisbane (Australia) dedicated to the development and commercialisation of revolutionary technology for the management of the medical airway.

The new laryngoscope developed by AMI introduces an innovative technology that facilitates ‘endotracheal intubation’, a highly risk medical procedure only performed by experienced medical professionals and paramedics.

AMI’s vision is to make this critical procedure safer, quicker and easier, saving more lives worldwide every day.

Why is endotracheal intubation so critical?

By this procedure doctors and paramedics introduce a “breathing tube” into the trachea of a patient, achieving what it is called a “secure” airway, which means ensure that the patient can receive the vital oxygen and breath. This is required in life-saving emergencies and for surgery.

It is often a difficult procedure which requires years of training to master.

Failure to intubate can lead to serious disability and even death.

  • ‘Can’t intubate can’t ventilate’ (CICV) accounts for up to 25% of anaesthesia-related deaths
  • Failed intubation occurs 1 in every 50-100 in emergency departments, intensive care units and pre-hospital settings
  • Adequate airway management is one of the most common causes of preventable death in both the prehospital and emergency department setting

“A” (for Airway) is the first critical step of the “ABC of Resuscitation” in emergency and anaesthesia procedures. Management of the Airway is the first critical step to save lives in life-saving emergencies.

It is the medical device used to perform endotracheal intubation. Both the device and the technique have change very little in the last 70 years. The introduction of the ‘video-laryngoscope’ in the past 10 years has facilitated the procedure, making it safer and quicker. However it is still a highly risk medical procedure, often difficult and some times unsuccessful.

Endotracheal intubation is a universal procedure, performed in the same way worldwide. It is performed more than 50 million times every year worldwide. This represents a uniform global market for AMI, estimated in more than 120 million USD per year.

The new technology will help save lives in the Operation Theatres, Intensive Care Units and Emergency Departments of our hospitals and worldwide. It will also be particularly helpful in the pre-hospital emergencies, where doctors and paramedics have unfavourable conditions and the required expertise is often unavailable.

Dr Julio Alonso, founder of AMI and inventor of the new laryngoscope, has the purpose to make this life-saving procedure safer for our patients and the vision to make AMI a global leader in innovation in medical airway management.

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